about humble

humble is a graphic design company founded by Sarah Brown in 2001.

humble is different in its approach because we are always trying to push the creative side of design. We believe quality design is a mix of aesthetics, hard work and integrity. We are also very interested in the cross between design, art, illustration, animation, architecture, photography and digital arts.

From 2000 to 2003 humble was also publishing humble magazine and its online version www.humhum.ca. Many artists, architects, designers, photographers and young people from various fields participated in the creation of this artistic publication.

The idea behind humble magazine was to create a platform and alternative media to express ourselves and show our multiple talents. As such, it served us very well. After 4 issues we were all very busy with multiple projects and we stopped producing the magazine.I keep in touch with most of my humble collaborators and when an occasion arises I am always thrilled to collaborate with them on new projects.

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