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  • Mid-career artist mastering traditional creative skills and new media
  • In depth knowledge of digital art and web site creation
  • BS of architecture; excellent design skills, technical plans, installations
  • Strong abilities in team and project management
  • Perfectly bilingual ; talented writer in French and English
  • Excellent sense of communication and human contact
  • Good sense of leadership and teamwork
  • Experience on Mac and PC [Windows, OSX, Ubuntu];
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, Flash, Dreamweaver, Drupal, WordPress, 3D Studio Max, Cool Edit, MS Office, etc.

2000–2013            humble [Montreal]Artistic director, graphic design

  • Graphic design of web sites, catalogues, publications
  • Creative content: illustrations and animations
  • Translation, writing, proofreading of articles in French and English
  • Publishing, management and vision of humble magazine, a multi-disciplinary forum for creators; preparation of content and layout for the print version and the prize-winning website, (2000-2003)
  • Private tutoring in digital imagery (Photoshop, Quark, Pre-press)
  • Production of artistic events (eroticomaton, February 2002 ; luxe, calme et volupté, March 2002)

2004-2006            .DPI, online magazine about women and technologies    [Montreal]Editor in chief

  • Co-ordination of the publication, programming and editorial committee
  • Revision of French and English content, research and writing of editorial
  • Budget planning, preparation of contracts and grant applications
  • Supervision of website design

2003            Fôkus Gallery [Montreal]Co-ordination of artistic events

  • Preparation of the gallery’s events’ program: exhibitions, performances, workshops, poetry readings, etc.
  • Coordination and public relations with artists, public and press
  • Installation of the artworks; supervision of events
  • Graphic design of posters and invitations

2003                CKUT McGill community radio    [ Montreal]Reporter

  • Radio hosting, production and research for Deformations, the program about artistic mutations
  • Reporting and preparation of sound pieces and segments on engaged art practices

1997–2000            Embryo artist collective [London, UK]Artistic director / Design

  • Organisation and production of multimedia events in collaboration with British, Canadian, French and Turkish artists and architects (multiplex 1997 ; sarah at rasa 1998 ; freeformations 1999; cross currents 1999)
  • Graphic design for QBFox, Blue Evolution, Spoon Fish, Loretta Ltd, Property Haven, Day-Mer, etc.
  • Graphics and html programming for Newham Millenium Celebrations web site:
  • Graphic and web site design teacher, for TS2K East, training centre for creative industries
  • Management of the BUD collective (multimedia artists’ partnership for Internet projects)
  • Interior design for residential and commercial projects (clients: Tantana, Ocean Music Trust)

1998-1999            Free Form Arts Trust [London, UK]Architecture / Project Management / Teaching

  • Design and management of public art community projects (ex: renovation of Praxis refugee centre)
  • Creative workshops with the community
  • Feasibility studies, grant applications, budgets
  • Photoshop teacher for the trainees
  • Architectural modelling with 3D Max
  • Public relations with the local media and affiliated community organisations


  • 1992-1997 . University of Montreal . Bachelor of Science in Architecture  .       Montreal
  • 1998 . Free Form Arts Trust . National Vocational Certificate in Design Management . London, UK
  • 1998 . Hackney Business Ventures . Accounting, marketing, planning and time management . London, UK
  • 2003 . ICGQ . Programming and web site creation with Flash MX .  Montreal
  • 2004 . Centre St-Pierre . Communication planning . Montreal
  • 2008 . Studio XX . MAX/MSP/Jitter : interactive art .  Montreal
  • 2008 . Studio XX . Autonomy and activism (Open Source  software) .        Montreal
  • 1998  Architecture Week Competition : First prize: construction of a floating structure with Blag-Art for the temporary «Trainspotter»  project at London Fields
  • 2002 Golden Web Award for
  • 2004 Finalist for NFB Cinéweb competition



Visual art, multimedia and interactive installations, music and sonic experiments, architecture, literature