humble erotica

what remains to be said about eroticism ?

books, films, art... all are looking hard in the same fleshy direction without taking precautions to hide their purpose. porno is the queen of the hour, exposing our pink, red, violet, brown organs frenetically repeating the same ballets... unlisted dances in our national schools' repertoire but nonetheless eternal classics of the flesh.
society is sending out images of pretty round-breasted anorexic adolescents, dames are starving themselves and carnal surgery is growing lumps while ironing out creases in order to make our bodies desirable and in accordance with the taste of the times.

what is left of sex ?
the wound or the node from which flows the visceral energy that goes up through your ass to your stomach upsetting your heart, your organs, making you thirsty, to explode anew and propagate right to your extremities.

sacred energy...lest we forget...