Face to face
Jana's paintings are difficult. Difficult in the way that they are honest. Honest because they do not let an emotion slip by un-noticed. They are not speculations about the cosmos, nor intensively laboured flowers. Her paintings are constructed narratives through collages of fragments of events webbed in a electronic haze. One of memory or dreams. Indeed, similar to dreams, where objects become 'signifiers' for another meaning and even metamorphosize their meaning throughout, the fragments/events are re-composed symbolically or metaphorically to become clues or characters to the narrative. This underlying narrative is what haunts. Because what you feel and yet are not conscious of, is that at their base, the paintings originate from a very personal and emotional event, such as giving birth, treachery, abortion or death. And if these are not 'tidy' events, they also cannot be understood by singular feelings. The canvas is negotiating between conflicting emotions.

The Oracle, triptych, oil on canvas, burnt wood, crow, 4'x11' franšais